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Well and Septic

Many homes are still on a private septic system or well. It is important to check these systems out during the inspection process as both can be expensive to replace. We offer these services at a nominal fee when you consider what the cost of repairing or replacing these systems can run.

Our septic inspection is an open tank inspection where we locate the septic tank and then dig to it so we can remove the cover. This allows us to check the working levels in the tank and check inlets and outlets for potential problems. We also will do sample borings in the drain field that help identify the current condition and how well the system is functioning. Many companies only offer a flood or dye test which is more superficial and only indicates whether or not the system has totally failed.

The well inspection includes looking at the exposed well head and its condition, inspecting the pressure tank and checking the functional flow of the water to various faucets.

Our fee for a complete well and septic inspection runs $325 which includes the standard water potability test as described in the water test page. A septic only inspection is $250.